Arrivals and departures

The circuit altitude is 2500 ft / 762 m AMSL.

Minimum height 1. a 4. round corners:

– Aircraft 1850 ft / 564 m AMSL
– Gliders and powered gliders 1700 ft / 518 m AMSL

Airport circuits to the north to be carried out outside the built-up area of the village of Občov so that 1. RWY 24 and 3. the roundabout curve on RWY 06 was shifted in the west direction, outside the village of Občov.

Aircraft commanders shall comply with the relevant wording of the aerodrome rules, aviation regulations and the instructions of the person providing the information. When no information service is established, aircraft commanders make blind position reports on the frequency PŘÍBRAM RÁDIO 118,755.

The aerodrome operator shall not be responsible for the operation of the aerodrome when the information service is not provided.

The pilot in command of an aircraft departing during airport operating hours for another aerodrome shall notify the unit providing the information, in person or by radiotelephone, of the aircraft’s matriculation, the name of the pilot in command, the aerodrome of landing and the number of persons on board.

For local flight operations, the commander shall announce only the aircraft matriculation and return time at departure.

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