Sightseeing flights at Příbram airport


We offer you a unique spectacle from the realm of birds. Places that are familiar to you will enchant you again. Places you don’t know yet will literally take your breath away. Experience the incredible feeling of seeing the world through a view that not everyone gets. Only then will you understand what a huge difference it makes compared to travelling by transport plane on holiday. You can give this unique spectacle to your loved ones. We will issue a gift voucher for the recipient and you can share your joy twice. During the flight it is possible to take pictures through the clear glass of the aircraft cabin. You can enrich your photo album with valuable catches.

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+420 724 101 020

Aeroclub Příbram

Do you want to feel like a bird and experience the magic of unpowered flying?
If so, there’s nothing easier, check out

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We fly sightseeing flights with Cessna 150 aircraft with one passenger or Cessna 172 with three passengers. The take-off point is Příbram Airport, which is accessible from Prague in about 35 minutes. The route of the sightseeing flight is according to the purchased voucher, or it is chosen according to the customer’s wishes and can be consulted in advance.
Gift vouchers with the name of the recipient are valid until the end of the calendar year. From 1.9. until the end of the following year.
The date of the sightseeing flight can be arranged by phone a few days in advance. In case of bad weather we will postpone the flight.

For more information, visit
+420 606 610 862

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